Hello, world! I'm Heather Martin a DC-based portrait photographer who loves taking pictures of families, kiddos & powerful yogis & dancers.

I'm a wife, mother, sister, Jersey Girl, and die-hard NY Giants fan. Follow me on Instagram @heathermartinphotography to keep up with my latest adventures!

Meanwhile, let’s get to know each other! I love a good list, so let’s dive into it…

  1. I love Champagne. And Prosecco. And sparkling water. Basically, if it has bubbles in it, I’m in.
  2. I also love queso & margaritas. Fortunately, I married someone from Texas who excels at making both things, because…
  3. I don’t really cook. I can, but I don’t love it & would rather not. 
  4. I’m a Jersey Girl through and through. I love summers down the Shore (“down the Shore” = “the beach” for those not from NJ).
  5. My parents used to take us to antique shows as kids and I hated it. Now I love vintage jewelry and old furniture. Fortunately, I appreciate a good dose of irony in life.
  6. I love the indulgence of going to mid-day movies by myself in an empty movie theatre. Bonus points if the weather is gloomy.
  7. I danced from about the age of 5 until about the age of 25. Now my dancing is limited to dance parties in the kitchen with my kiddo—and taking photos of dancers, of course!
  8. I am obsessed with school supplies. I get positively giddy at back to school time! Imagine my disappointment when I learned that pre-schoolers don’t really need binders, colored tabs, or lots of notebooks!
  9. Naps during a summer thunderstorm are one of life’s best guilty pleasures.
  10. I love to travel and am constantly dreaming of my next trip to Paris!  


Portraiture, Events photography based in Washington, DC.